Sea Trial and Review of the Sirena 88

Tested: Sirena 88 : This article originally appeared in the October 2020 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

Sirena has expended a lot of effort soundproofing the 88, not just fitting flexible couplings between the transmissions and the prop shafts, but also using insulated mounts for all sources of vibration such as generators and compressors, sandwich panels for floors and bulkheads, flexible ceiling fasteners and soft-mounted floors in all the cabins. The crew accommodation also plays its part, sitting between the owner’s suite and the noise of the engine room.

Sirena 88 Test Report

I found 15 knots to be a comfortable cruising speed. Progress was certainly very quiet, and at all rev increments the yacht had the sort of calm, remorseless momentum that inspires confidence. Increasing speed made very little difference to trim or noise levels, although it did have a marked effect on fuel consumption.