High Flexible Passage

Watertight Passage

Rubber Design has developed a unique type of watertight exhaust pipe penetration. This system is certified to handle a pressure up to 0,6 bar (6m) for 30 minutes. On top of this it can be supplied as fireproof . This means that besides the water tightness it can also handle temperatures of 1000 °C for a minimum of 60 minutes. It has certificates of fire approval for A0, A15, A30 and A60 decks and bulkheads.

This penetration allows exhaust pipes to pass decks and bulkheads without transmitting any vibrations to the surrounding ship-structure.

  • Watertight solution till 0,6 bar (6 meter)
  • Zero transmission of structure born noise, vibrations and heat
  • Thermal and mechanical movement of the exhaust pipe system in all directions possibleFire approval for all major classification societies
  • Separation of compartments