TT X -Mount type 1

With this new mounting series the aluminium TT1X Rubber Design broadens the bandwidth of load-capacity and sets a new standard for the resilient suspensions of high speed engines with close coupled gearboxes. Based on the vast experience with the Rubber Design original TT mountings, this type in the X-series range provides the ideal solution for increased acoustical demands from customers.

With a load capacity higher than most other mountings in the market, combined with the compact and proven design, this mounting enables simpler and more cost effective resilient mounting solutions. Additionally, this mounting is equipped with new, patented technologies, to even further increase it ’s performance and reliability. Built from the highest quality of materials, the choice for the TT1X means opting for a fail-safe solution, which will perform satisfactory in the field for many years. This is backed by the approval of our design, engineering and calculation methods by many renown engine manufacturers and classification societies.