Gearbox Mountings Type TCS

In most modern propulsion installations, engine vibrations are well isolated from the ship ’ s foundation by means of excellent resilient engine mounts. However, engine vibrations are also transmitted over the coupling to the gearbox. Semi-elastic gearbox mounts used nowadays have a relative high stiffness compared to other mounts used on machinery, due to the torque transmitting function. As a result, low-frequency engine vibrations are poorly isolated and transferred to the ship ’ s foundation. The newly developed Torque Compensation System provides a mounting option with only a fraction of the stiffness compared to conventional gearbox mounts. Soft gearbox mounts in combination with light weight high torque gearboxes would normally result in unacceptable torque displacements. However with the TCS compensating for torque displacements, softer gearbox mounts become an option.