Sirena Marine - Euphoria 54 SY


Sirena Marine - Euphoria 54 SY

Crafted with precision by Design Unlimited, the interior layout of Euphoria 54 reflects meticulous attention to detail. This yacht, produced in Orhangazi using infusion technology, seamlessly blends Mediterranean elements in its spacious exterior living areas with northern-style interior comfort, enhancing the overall sailing experience.

Euphoria 54's allure in the luxury yacht market was evident when it garnered a nomination for the 2015 European Yacht of the Year award at Boot Dusseldorf. The yacht's nomination underscored the initial interest it sparked within the discerning yachting community.

In a remarkable collaboration with renowned design offices, Euphoria Yachts achieved a significant milestone with the sale of its second model, the Euphoria 68, before its official launch. This 21.07-meter marvel, co-designed by Germán Frers and Design Unlimited in partnership with the Sirena Marine team, showcases a harmonious blend of innovation and style.

Notably, Euphoria 54, like its counterparts, prioritizes comfort with carefully managed noise levels. This commitment to a serene onboard environment adds to the allure of these exceptional yachts.