Mengi Yay - Aquarius 46 m MY


Mengi Yay - Aquarius 46 m MY


**Mengi Yay NB93 is the First Comfort (Y) Class Certified Yacht by RINA Turkey Office.

We are proud to announce that one of our project just launched and she has the conclusive, impressive noise and vibration results for both at anchor and at cruising condition.  And also, RINA Turkey office (REGISTRO ITALIANO NAVALE) issued a certificate for Aquarius as the first yacht has Comfort (Y) certificate it has surveyed to date.

RINA Comfort (Y) provide 60 dB(A)-(Laeq)at crusing speed and 50 dB(A)-(Laeq) at anchor condition in sleeping areas as maximum allowable noise level.

We achieved 51.1 dB(A) at 16 knots (cruising speed) 33.3 dB(A) at anchor condition in the OWNER’S STATEROOM...

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