Selah Shipyard - 105 m Logistic Supply Vessel


Selah Shipyard - 105 m Logistic Supply Vessel


“TCG Yüzbaşı Güngör Durmuş”, the first of the vessels, of which the tendering process started in 2013 toward fulfilling the logistic demands of the Turkish Naval Forces and containing the procurement of two fuel tankers, was launched to the sea with a ceremony held at Selah Shipyard in Tuzla.

Both ships have the same capacity. Each ship can carry 336 tons of helicopter fuel, 594 tons of freshwater, eight containers, and 108 cubic meters of food, cargo, and provisions.

The ships have a length of 106.51 meters and a width of 16.80 meters. LDGs have 82 crews. The ships have an electro-hydraulic service crane with a lifting capacity of 18 tons on the deck. They are also equipped with 2 x 12.7 mm ASELSAN STAMP systems.

In addition to one vehicle for personnel transfer, one life-saving boat and one ATAK boat are stationed on the ship.

The helicopter platform is suitable for the landing and take-off of a 15-ton general-purpose helicopter day and night.

The ship may cruise at over 12 knots; its maximum range is 9,500 nautical miles.

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