Noise & Vibration Measurements

ANV Technic performs noise and vibration measurements using Class1, handheld measurement equipment. Our full and comprehensive report typically includes: graphs of measurements, visual findings, and clear conclusions.

Standardized (sea trial) measurements:

All noise, vibration and acoustic privacy measurements are performed in accordance with the rules and guidelines as described in the contract specification. Depending on the contract specification, the measurements may be performed under a variety of machinery operating conditions.

ANV Technic is familiar with many international standards, including:

  • ISO 20283-2, ISO 20283-3, ISO 20283-4, ISO 20283-5
  • LR
  • BV 
  • DNV
  • ABS
  • IMO
  • Etc.

Some Major Measurements:

  1. Noise Level Measurement on board
  2. General Alarm Measurement
  3. Public Adress Measurement
  4. Whole Body Vib. Measurement
  5. Measurement of Structural Vibration
  6. Pre-installation Vibration Measurement of Shipboard Equipment
  7. Measurement and Evaluation of Vibration of the Ship Propulsion Machinery