Torsional Vibration Calculation :

Torsional Vibration Calculation :

ANV Teknik LTD. specializes in conducting thorough torsional vibration calculations, providing a detailed analysis of the main shafting system and its branches. Our commitment is to deliver comprehensive output data and results that meet the highest standards for approval by Class Societies. Here's an overview of our Torsional Vibration Calculation services:

1. Torsional Vibration Analysis Scope:

  • Main Shafting System: Our analysis covers the entire main shafting system and its branches, ensuring a holistic examination of torsional vibration stresses.

2. Submission for Class Society Approval:

  • Detailed Analysis Report: We prepare a detailed torsional vibration analysis report to be submitted to Class Societies for approval.

  • Compliance with Standards: Our calculations adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring that the analysis meets the rigorous criteria set by Class Societies.

3. Output Data and Results:

  • Natural Frequencies and Vibration Forms:

    • Identification of natural frequencies.
    • Presentation of relevant vibration modes associated with each frequency.
  • Forced Vibratory Loads:

    • Quantification of forced vibratory loads in terms of torques or stresses.
    • Clear presentation of the effects of external forces on the system.
  • Torsional Vibration Torques/Shear Stresses:

    • Calculation and presentation of torsional vibration torques/shear stresses.
    • Focus on all critical elements within the system.

4. Resonance Speeds:

  • Clearly Defined Resonance Speeds:
    • Identification and documentation of resonance speeds across the entire operating speed range.
    • Special attention to resonance conditions to mitigate potential issues.

5. Synthesized Values:

  • Vectorial Sum Over All Harmonics:
    • Comprehensive synthesis of torques/stresses, considering all harmonics.
    • Presentation of vectorial sums for a clear understanding of the cumulative effects.

6. Optimization Recommendations:

  • Mitigation Strategies: Based on the analysis results, we provide recommendations for optimizing the system to prevent or address resonance and excessive torques/stresses.

  • Design Modifications: Proposals for design modifications or enhancements to reduce torsional vibration and improve the overall performance of the main shafting system.

7. Continuous Support:

  • Collaboration with Class Societies: We collaborate closely with Class Societies, addressing any queries or requests for additional information during the approval process.

  • Updates and Revisions: If necessary, we provide updates or revisions to the analysis based on feedback or evolving requirements.

ANV Teknik LTD. is dedicated to delivering torsional vibration calculations that not only meet but exceed the expectations of Class Societies. Our focus on precision, compliance, and optimization ensures the reliability and safety of your maritime systems.