Analysis and Simulations

Analysis and Simulations

ANV Teknik offers specialized engineering and numerical simulation services utilizing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and other analytical methods. Their extensive expertise covers a wide range of equipment and structural analyses, including:

Dynamic Analysis

Modal Analysis: To understand their dynamic behavior, evaluate structures' natural frequencies and mode shapes.

Forced Response: Analyzes the response of structures subjected to external dynamic loads.
Vibration Levels Evaluation: Assesses and predicts vibration levels to ensure they are within acceptable limits.
Shock Analysis: Evaluates the effects of sudden impacts or shocks on structures.

Thermal Analysis

Provides detailed assessment of temperature distributions and heat flow within structures to ensure they can withstand thermal loads.

Correlation of Test Data with FEM Model and Numerical Simulation

Ensures that simulation results accurately reflect real-world performance by correlating test data with finite element models.

Fatigue Analysis

Evaluates the durability and lifespan of materials and structures under cyclic loading conditions to predict and prevent failure.

Static Analysis

Load Analysis and Sizing: Determines structures' appropriate size and load capacity.
Modification and Optimization Simulations: Improves designs through simulations to optimize performance and efficiency.

Non-Linear Analysis and Buckling

Assesses the behavior of structures under non-linear conditions and potential buckling scenarios to ensure safety and stability.

ANV Teknik’s comprehensive services enable the accurate prediction and enhancement of structural performance, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency across various engineering applications.