Maritime Industry Services

Maritime Industry Services

ANV Teknik LTD. leads in acoustical engineering consulting, specializing in precise noise and vibration engineering and control across marine, industrial, commercial, environmental, and energy sectors.  ANV Teknik LTD. specializes in precision noise and vibration control engineering, leveraging advanced scientific principles and state-of-the-art concepts. Our engineering services employ a pragmatic approach, utilizing logic and innovative solutions to efficiently suppress noise and vibration, ensuring cost-effectiveness and effectiveness. We recognize the pivotal role of comprehensive noise and vibration measurement, analysis, and control in addressing and preventing issues.

Issues are initially defined qualitatively and quantitatively, followed by the establishment of specific noise or vibration mitigation objectives. The identification of sources is coupled with an analysis of their impact on both airborne and structure-borne paths affecting the receiver. Subsequently, an engineering approach is formulated to control noise or vibrations, employing the optimal combination of solutions tailored to the situation.

ANV offers comprehensive services beyond our standard offerings, specializing in addressing noise and vibration-related issues for shipyards and owners. Our expertise extends to crafting noise and vibration specifications for both new builds and refit projects. Additionally, we provide valuable insights and second opinions in critical vibroacoustic cases. ANV leads innovation in yacht noise and vibration reduction. Material suppliers and manufacturers partner with us for expert reviews, gaining insights into market potential. We offer solutions within weight and budget constraints, ensuring cutting-edge results for our clients.

Acoustic, Noise, and Vibration control engineering services include: